Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 5 and Day 6 - Making the decision to not make decisions ...

Caution: Moment of weakness ahead

I wish there were signs, in big red letters to let me know when something like this is about to happen. Don't you?

I woke up feeling so amazing on Saturday and continued my healthy streak through the day. I felt good and hung out with friends at night. Two glasses of wine led to late night eating. Wasn't too hard on myself.

Sunday morning, a planned day out with the girls. Breakfast went well, fruit, handful of almonds and coffee (Good start right? Especially since the other 3 ladies were eating homemade cinnamon crunch cake for their main course) The day goes on, the four of us head out for pedicures. I didn't plan ahead and become ravenous by the time we make it back to the house. Pretzels, almonds and homemade pizza (a lot of homemade pizza) I allowed zero conscious decision making. Then it continues through the night for dinner. A big snowball of nasty feelings and guilt.

What have I learned? While not making good decisions feels good in the moment, like a break from discipline, the effects feel worse and ultimately set me back.

How do you rebound from the guilt of bad decisions and straying from your goals?


Nicky said...

I had the same experience this weekend! Too much delicious food and bad self-control. Anyways, for me, I just try and make it up by getting back on plan and scheduling in a few more workouts to try and limit the damage done before weigh-in day... We'll see how that goes this week.

In the end, though, I think the most important part it just getting back on the wagon and not giving up. I think a lot of people end up having days or weeks or whatnot where they slip up and just think, "Oh well, guess this diet's over..." As long as that doesn't happen, I still count the experience as a win.

LeeLee said...

Well, you weren't lying. Your weekend sound a lot like mine! What's important is that you dust yourself off & get back on the horse, don't give up and keep on pushing!!