Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 3 - Integrity

Moment to moment integrity. It's so easy to fall back into the way I've been living and the choices I make without thinking. I need more sleep than the average person. I was told, at a very young age that sleep would be crucial for good health. I developed a very rare condition when I was young, due to exhaustion, that is a factor in my day to day health. Sleep is also part of the conscious choices I will be looking at.


I ate well. I've been starting my day with fruit which has been a great breakfast. There were a few opportunities, where I normally would've had a social drink and I stuck with water instead. At this rate I'm realizing where I'm easily cutting down on 1000-1500 calories a week. Had I not taken the time to document it in this way I may have continued as I was doing in the past. I can't have it all.

I knew I had a softball game at night and would come home late so I planned ahead with what I could have when I got home. I had multi-grain crackers and soy milk. Was filling and not too heavy.


My intention was to take a yoga class in the morning but sleep prevailed. I'm going to be playing in a recreational softball league going forward. Tonight was the first game. Was actually a good workout. My friend and I walked for a good 30 min, stretched out and the sprinting around the bases was a way to switch it up. I could feel the swinging of the bat in my back the next day (in a good way, using different muscles)

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LeeLee said...

That sounds Awesome, I used to play softball for my job but, I work from home now & it's a waste to drive 3.5hrs to & from practice.
When you say 1100-1500 calories in a day are those including your exercise calories as well?
For example if you ate 1100 calories but then worked out and burnt 300 calories do you eat those 300 calories? I'm just curious! Keep up the great work!