Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 2

Recognition. Recognizing patterns, habits. I had a successful day.


My goal is to establish my workouts to take place first thing in the morning. I met with my running partner in the am and put in a good 30 min run. When I got back to my place I popped in my yoga dvd and did some more strength and stretching.


Before diving right into food, I planned my lunch to be about 400 calories and stuck to the plan! I was satisfied and made a few snacks to take with me for the afternoon.

The unexpected came about. After class I met with friends for dinner at a Thai restaurant. I could have ordered the usual greasy rice or noodle dish (pad thai YUM!) but I ordered the vegetable noodle soup. So much healthier and so satisfying. I was craving sweets so before going to the show (with said friends) I stopped at the drugstore and got a sucker. Normally on an evening out I would have a few drinks and I stayed with water. It's interesting to break out of routine.


I was chatting with a girlfriend today about her diet. She's in amazing shape and in her mid-20's. I asked her if she needs to watch what she eats. She said she definitely does. The one habit she has worked hard to develop is not eating after 7pm most nights. This is one thing to be conscious of moving forward.

Do you remember making a conscious decision to change a habit that has improved the quality of your life?


LeeLee said...

I am so impressed by your workouts, I only do 45mins a day (6days) maybe I should push myself to do another workout after work! You my friend have definitely inspired me to do just that! Thank you and congratulations on your strong will not to indulge! Keep up the great work!

M said...

Planning out my food for the day makes a huge difference. It keeps me from being anxious and keeps me from making poor choices. Good job!