Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm flying high ... FLY YOGA

So this week I took a new adventure ... It's called 'Fly Yoga' and it's just like it sounds. I can't tell you how important it has been, to my life, to be trying new things and exploring new challenges. If you find yourself getting sick of the same old routine, if you find yourself going to the same gym over and over ... I encourage you to do some research in your community. Make a commitment to find one new activity to do a week!

When Crunch shuttered the last of its Chicago locations last year, it took its innovative and fun classes with it. One of those offerings was AntiGravity Yoga, a mix of yoga and aerial arts (along the lines of Pink’s performance at the Grammys—with a lot less water) that allowed participants to float from pose to pose and reap the awesome benefits of inversions without the fear of smacking into the ground. But Antigravity Yoga is back—and better than ever—as Fly Yoga. Former Crunch instructor and certified AntiGravity Yoga teacher Brent Holten decided to bring it to his gym, i.d. (which is, coincidentally, located in the former Crunch Lincoln Park location). I’m no stranger to antigravity classes, so I figured I knew the drill in Fly Yoga. But Brent stripped down the cookie-cutter class syllabus, instead tailoring each session by adding more yoga moves as well as Pilates and strength-training segments. In other words, I still got that weightless floating feeling, but with less Cirque du Soleil and more asana. I loved the additional twists, advanced inversions (the Dracula headstand, with the flying wings draped behind me like a cape? Okay) and booty-toning moves, and I’ve never felt more confident doing a handstand. While AntiGravity Yoga was something I did on an “easy” gym day, Fly Yoga is a bona-fide calorie-sizzling, mood-lifting workout.

Resource: Time Out Chicago


Weighting Around said...

This looks absolutely fascinating!

LeeLee said...

This is something I am definitely looking into!!! Thank you for Sharing!!!