Saturday, March 6, 2010

I did EVERYTHING right ... drop scale, DROP!

Looking back on my week, I was so so so good and I'm proud of myself! It's a constant climb ...

Let me tell you about my little friend, the scale. Actually, my little friend would like a name. I'm going to call it, friendly. So I get on friendly this morning and I find myself, not exactly getting to the point where I'd hoped. I did EVERYTHING right this week. Food? ... check! Workouts? ... check! What the HELL?

Ok, here is where the folks who don't use scales have it down. They go on how they feel, right? That's exactly the mentality I'm taking away from this day. I feel fantastic. My skin is clearing up. My clothes fit better. Friends and colleagues are asking if I've lost weight. I feel my confidence on the rise.

I have a new week ahead and new goals to focus on. Plus ladies, we all know there are just some week(s) out of the month ... Ahheemm ... that we have no control over our hormones or our water retention. So if the scale doesn't drop or even edges in an upward movement, we have to focus on how far we've come and see today as a new day!

I will continue to eat all the fruits and vegetables I can handle and even slightly more than I can handle at times!

I will continue to plan my workouts and set new goals!

Today is a new day, this week is a new week!


M said...

Great attitude! Keep it up!

Integrity Daily said...

Thanks M! This is tough stuff ... this week will be especially hard for me and I appreciate you reading!

LeeLee said...

I think we all can relate when Ms.Friendly isn't always so kind but, like you said, as long as you are doing everything right, feeling good, your clothes are fitting looser and compliments are rolling in....I say today was a good day!!!

P.S. I am catching up on your entire Blog, bare with me! :)