Monday, March 22, 2010

Carb loading and the Shamrock Shuffle

I had a personal best in the Shamrock Shuffle yesterday. Its an annual 8K (5 mile) kickoff to the Chicago running season and has 35,000 participants. I had a personal best, my chip time was 49:16 which put me under a 10 minute mile pace. Fantastic!

I always struggle with being an athlete and losing weight. I know this seems like it shouldn't be but I'm always so so so hungry when I train! Does anyone have any suggestions for loosing weight as an athlete?

My goal of maintaining at 146 lbs didn't hold last week. I'm back up to 148.4. I feel good but a little drained on the constant discipline it takes to continue to drop weight. UGH

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Sunny said...

great job on the 8k!! :)