Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The art of maintaining

I consider last week's cleanse an aggressive adventure in my journey. While I saw the results I'd hoped for I know that weight maintenance can be just as difficult as weight loss. Not gaining is my goal for this week.

In my original, long term plan, my goal has been to lose 1 lb per week, on average. This week's goal will remain 146, even tho I've already dipped below that on the scale. I took a day off yesterday to indulge, my mom came into town to visit and we like to have fun and eat. I'm learning, slowly but surely, the way to have fun and eat ... but still maintain all the hard work and effort of the past 5 weeks.

Onward to week 6

This road represents how I'm looking forward.
This road represents how I'm marching on.
This road represents that I don't know what's ahead of me but I'm willing to follow the path.
This road represents my faith in the future.
This road represents one foot in front of the next.


M said...

Maintain is a hard thing to do. Good luck on your journey!

KatDoesDiets said...

awesome attitude! I've been good at gaining, ok at losing, and horrible at maintaining, good luck this week!