Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I eat for comfort

One of the biggest challenges I've had, my entire life, is eating for comfort. Not just eating ... doing anything for comfort, really. I find myself easily overwhelmed when life gets backed up.

My biggest struggle is just about everyday after 3pm. I start to get very, very hungry. Too close to lunch, too far from dinner. Many times I've found myself so hungry I begin to eat a snack and before I know it, I've eaten a days worth of calories by 4pm.

Not only will I find, by 3pm, that I'm very hungry. I will find that the stress of the entire day is now upon my shoulders. Hungry and stressed, what could possibly make me feel better?

My solution (or should I say test run option)is to comfort myself with a cup of warm tea. Not only is it soothing, it has just a kick of mid-day caffeine to curb my appetite. I have tested this solution for 2 days and it's worked marvelously thus far. They say after 21 days of doing or not doing something it becomes a habit. Today is day 3 ...


Sunny said...

you're not the only one who gets hungry by 3pm. by 3pm i either "make it or break it!". i've done the same thing as you... incorporated a tea time into my afternoon and it has helped me. but i do need a snack too, usually a handful of nuts or 1/2 apple with peanut butter do it for me.
ok. i'm off to make my tea now! :)

LeeLee said...

I am good until after dinner. I can't stop going to the kitchen, perhaps a cup of tea may help? What kinds of tea do you drink or do you have a kind that you absolutely love? I am not a tea in the house :D But, am willing to try teas to be successful on my journey! All the best to you!